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Leftover Turkey Recipes That Are Surprisingly Healthy and Delicious

Leftover Turkey Recipes That Are Surprisingly Healthy and Delicious

I don’t know about you, but after one plate of Thanksgiving leftovers, I am sick of it. If you can eat the leftovers all week long, more power to you, but I simply cannot! Last year I saw someone making soup out of their leftover turkey and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this already. So, I wanted to find some recipes that use leftover turkey. My requirements were that they had to be easy, healthy and completely take the turkey taste away. Here are some of my favorites:


Healthy Shepherds Pie

Comfort food at it’s finest. Who knew you could simplify Shepherds Pie by using leftovers? Sweet As Honey did. That’s who. You can also freeze this baby and pop it in the oven when you don’t feel like cooking. Shepherds Pie is a lot better than heated up turkey that’s been in the freezer for 6 months, in my opinion!





Leftover Turkey and Quinoa Soup

Ahh soup. The perfect light dish after stuffing your face the day before. Living Well Kitchen makes the perfect quinoa turkey soup. You could even use rice if you wanted instead of quinoa, but I prefer quinoa. (Packed with vitamins and protein and easier on your digestive system than rice!) I imagine you could even pop this in the crockpot while you shop or decorate for the holidays.



Leftover Turkey Stir Fry

Healthy Recipes Blog came up with this twist on the original Stir Fry and it’s everything. Stir Fry is one of my go-to’s for meal prepping. Make this and you have a healthy meal for the week that doesn’t have the dry leftover meat taste we all dread.




Leftover Turkey Cranberry Almond Salad

I love this recipe from Fashionable Foods because it also uses a couple more leftover items such as cranberry and celery. This tangy dip is so good on bread (leftover rolls) or just cucumber or apple slices for an even healthier version!




Leftover Turkey Chili

Turkey Chili. Need I say more?! It’s the perfect one pot dish that’s easy to make and healthy to eat as much as you want. You can even freeze this for another cold day this winter. Farmstead Chic doesn’t add any beans but you could add a can or two of beans to help add some fiber which helps control your appetite and will help digest your Thanksgiving feast.





Gluten Free Turkey Enchilada Bake

I love this dish from Hungry Hobby because it is a completely different meal than Thanksgiving dinner. Enchiladas are the perfect food to switch it up. Instead of using corn tortillas, you can also use whole grain tortillas. Whatever works best for your health needs!




Leftover Turkey Frittata

BREAKFAST! Who would have thought you could use leftover turkey for breakfast?! Diethood, you are a genius for this one! You could also have this for dinner. Who doesn’t love breakfast for dinner? I’m thinking decorate the house for Christmas, put on the Christmas jammies, watch a classic and have a breakfast for dinner kind of night. Brinner, anyone?




Turkey Thai Curry

I love me some Indian food. Mix Thai with it and this dish is bound to be delicious! Simply Stacie came up with this yummy meal I cannot thank her enough. THESE are the things I am thankful for!




Do you have a favorite recipe I didn’t mention? Send it to me! I would love to share it!

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